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At Abate & Smith, we understand the difficulties individuals and families face when divorce and other family law matters come up. These issues can radically redefine the most intimate aspects of a person's life. From our closest relationships to financial matters, the decisions that are made as part of a divorce can shape your life for years to come. This makes it very important that you understand how those choices will shape that future. We can help you understand that impact so that you can make informed choices that help your life move forward.

Our firm is committed to helping people navigate the challenges that they are facing. Attorney Michael Smith has more than 30 years of experience crafting highly effective solutions to the most difficult family law matters. That experience can help make the difference between having no control over the outcome of your family law matter and achieving your goals.

Because we understand what people are going through, we focus on providing a high level of personal service in addition to the highly effective representation we provide. We know our clients often have many questions and concerns. By being available to our clients as they need us and providing the answers they need, we help our clients find peace of mind while we pursue the best possible outcomes for them.

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Abate & Smith offers dedicated family law representation that can help you secure the positive results you deserve. To schedule an initial consultation, call 815-516-8169 or contact us online.